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Sarina holds a Master of Counselling Degree from the City University of Seattle in Vancouver, B.C. and a Bachelor of Arts degree 'with distinction' from the University of Victoria (Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology).

Workshops and Continuing Education

  • Making Connections for women with experiences of abuse. Group Therapy approach. 2 Day Seminar Audit, 2013

  • Cameray building your toolbox course: Working with trauma in children and youth. 2015

  • Cameray building your toolbox course: Working with families in separation and divorce. 2016

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Training for Essentials, Anxiety, Depression and Personality Disorders, 2019

  • Domestic violence extension through post-separation and legal system, and its effect on women’s health

  • Transgender Inclusion, Working with Transgender Clients, Gender Affirming Care, Exploring Gender Diversity, Trans Rights Toolkit.  2019

  • Occupational Awareness Training for Therapists: Understanding First Responder Trauma. 2019

  • Gordon Neufeld Institute, Hypersensitivity Training workshop (Anxiety/Autism). February  2020

  • Continuing Education: Webinar: The Critical Importance of Cultivating Psychologically Healthy & Safe Work Environments. March 2020

  • Collaborative Divorce Training 2021 

  • Family Violence: Impact on Separation & Divorce 2021

  • Poly Vagal Approach to Therapy - Master Class 2021

  • Foundations of Conflict Resolution 2021


Tel: 604-202-1358 Email:
Richmond, British Columbia
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