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Anxiety and Depression


Applying the principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Sarina works alongside clients to better understand the root causes and triggers of mental distress to devise a client-centred approach to managing the stressors and navigating the challenges in their lives.

​University Students


Recognizing the pressures placed upon students and young people can be overwhelming. Sarina offers kind and understanding counsel, encouraging self-care and helping students develop strategies for managing anxiety, setting boundaries, improving time management, communicating with parents, and balancing school and life.


Work Environment


Return to work after meeting mental or physical health challenges is never simple. Sarina helps make the process easier through role-playing exercises and developing effective strategies together to navigate workplace challenges, set boundaries, and manage stress and anxiety to help navigate re-entry into the workplace.

Separation and Divorce


Experiencing separation and divorce is life-altering. Understanding and guidance are paramount. Sarina offers informed advice, direction and strategies to help clients navigate this turbulent life event, heal, and chart a new course for the next chapter in their lives.


In order to articulate a path forward, and to ensure new relationships are successful, Sarina also helps clients assess past relationships and manage feelings of grief and failure. By identifying patterns, red flags, and communication shortfalls, she will help clients achieve greater relationship success.


For parents, she works with clients to establish new co-parenting dynamics and communication strategies that bridge the values and approaches of each parent involved.


Trauma support


Taking a trauma-informed approach, Sarina examines the impacts of physical, psychological, moral, and spiritual injury, sitting with clients and guiding them from a supportive, compassionate place.


She counsels and supports:

  • Abuse Survivors

  • First Responders (BCPFFA) and Service Providers endorsed 

  • Crime Victims - British Columbia Crime Victims Assistance Program(CVAP) approved

  • Accident Victims (ICBC approved)

Sexuality and Gender


Understanding the pressures and oppressive constraints of societal norms, Sarina guides, supports and encourages the LBGTQ2s community to listen to their own voices. In an empathetic, collaborative manner, Sarina helps explore gender and sexuality, offering advice and strategies for addressing the profound ways they impact and inform how you move through life.   


In addition, she also works with executives and leaders to help restore balance to their professionally demanding lives. 

Tel: 604-202-1358 Email:
Richmond, British Columbia
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